How To Become An Organic Food Co-op

How To Become An Organic Food Co-op
How To Become An Organic Food Co-op

Organic food cooperatives are basically buying clubs that pool members’ money to make more purchases from local certified organic farmers in their area a substantial savings over supermarket prices. The produce is then divided equally between members

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Find an organic food cooperative or buying club in your area. Start by doing an online search for organic food co-ops + your city and state.” Other keywords you may want to use is “organic products + your city and state “organic food buying clubs + your city and state.” You may also want to talk with farmers at your local farmers market. They are generally eager to share their knowledge and will appreciate your desire to help small local farming activities.

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Once you have found one or more organizations that you might want to participate find out what the rules are. You must buy weekly? Bi-weekly? Can you buy only when you need to? How much does one share costs? Is there a membership fee? And finally take a look at the ingredients members receive the stock. Make sure you are satisfied with the quality and varieties of products.

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The final step is to attend. Contact the organization and ask them how to be. Unfortunately some clubs not accepting new buyers. Others however will welcome all who wish to participate. Follow your organization’s steps to join pay dues if any and you can start to enjoy farm fresh organic produce in season and save money.”