Healthy Veggie Meals

Healthy Veggie Meals
Healthy Veggie Meals

Balanced meals are important and vegetables make an excellent cornerstone of any diet. In addition to all the vitamins and minerals they contain they are also very high in fiber. Fiber aids digestion and helps you feel full so you do not over-indulging on less nutritious food. Here are some basic healthy meals veggie that can serve as a basis for the family’s menu
Veggie Stir Fry
A vegetable stir fry is an excellent low-fat meal that is easy to make. Use a variety of vegetables good choices are broccoli squash and other types of squash carrots Napa cabbage and peppers. Some vegetables cook faster than others like squash for example then put it towards the end of cooking time. Use oil designed for high heat cooking and make sure to use the minimum amount you can. Asian sauces such as soy sauce make great marinades for cooking but check the label because they are often very high in sodium and sometimes contain refined sugar and MSG. Serve over steamed rice unbleached for full Asian experience.
Thin Crust Veggie Pizza
Pizza does not have to be totally unhealthy. By making the dough yourself you can control how much oil and the type of flour you use. Try using whole-wheat unbleached flour. Roll out the dough very thin and pre-cook it in the oven until it is mostly done. If you do not pre-cook it the water from the vegetables make it soggy. Make your own pizza sauce if you can. Otherwise use a box with plain tomato paste and add your own spices. Sprinkle the minimal low-fat cheese and add the vegetables. You can put almost anything on your pizza try asparagus peppers steamed broccoli squash and anything else that sounds good to you and your family. Add vegetables with high water content such as tomatoes-toward the end of cooking time and avoid leafy greens completely as a pizza topping. Cook until edges of your pizza is brown and vegetables are done.
Vegetable stuffed peppers
Follow a simple recipe for stuffed peppers for this but instead of using ground beef use chopped vegetables. Good choices for this are squash broccoli peppers celery peas corn and carrots. Steam them lightly before adding them to the recipe so they can cook the rest of the way inside the peppers. If you add the rice be sure to use unbleached brown variety rather than plain white rice.
veggie quesadillas
Quesadillas can either be a healthy addition to your menu or they can be very unhealthy depending on how you make them. Use whole-wheat tortillas rather than the kind that is made of bleached flour and use a good low-fat cheese. Making vegetable quesadillas are almost the same as making the meat variety. Only steam your vegetables first before filling tortillas and uses minimal cheese to cut down on fat. Try broccoli with low-fat Monterey Jack or tomatoes and eggplant with mozzarella.