Fat Healthy Meals

Fat Healthy Meals
Fat Healthy Meals

Low fat healthy food options generally follow guidelines set by organizations like the American Heart Association and the US Department of Agriculture. Healthy diets emphasize eating well-balanced meals that contain a variety of healthful foods. To follow a low fat diet it is important to know which foods are beneficial and how best to prepare them
You need:. .
A positive outlook.

Foods to Eat
Low-fat healthy meals contain fiber-rich high-antioxidant foods that have healthy fats. Eat fiber-rich foods include whole grains such as oats couscous wheat barley and brown rice. You should also consider legumes including beans and lentils and flax seeds almonds pistachios and walnuts.
Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. These nutritious foods contain fiber and antioxidants and low in fat. Choose dark green leafy vegetables over light greens (like iceberg lettuce).
Get your protein from low-fat sources. These include poultry (without skin) legumes low-fat varieties of soy foods low-fat dairy products and fish. Cold water fish particularly salmon are particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids a beneficial nutrient for good health. Pulses can be used instead of meat and are good sources of vitamins minerals and proteins.
Foods to limit or avoid
Limit or avoid foods high in saturated fat. These include red meat organ meats whole fat dairy products processed meat deep-fried foods processed foods and fast foods.
Saturated fats are also found in unhealthy vegetable fat such coconut cocoa butter (found in chocolate) palm and palm kernel oils.
Avoid trans fats which appear in foods that contain shortening or partially hydrogenated oils. Trans fats are often found in commercially prepared baked goods like cakes energy bars pies cookies and cakes.
cooking methods
Use low-fat cooking methods. Even low-fat ingredients can be prepared in an unhealthy way.
Sample Meals
Enjoy a breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal cooked with sliced ??apple. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and pour either low-fat dairy or low-fat soy milk over it.
Have a low-fat lunch with homemade minestrone soup (made with kidney beans tomatoes carrots onions cabbage broccoli and whole wheat pasta). Your dessert can be fresh fruit like an apple nectarine or peach. Choose a water-based drinks.
A low-fat healthy meal for dinner may include couscous steamed vegetables and a fresh fruit medley for dessert. Your drink can be green tea water or low-fat milk.