Endomorph Weight Loss Tips

Endomorph Weight Loss Tips
Endomorph Weight Loss Tips

In the 1940s developed the American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon theory somatotype which broke down human bodies into three types: hefty endomorphs (think John Goodman) the lean and well proportioned mesomorphs (Sylvester Stallone) and the lean lanky ectomorphs (pictured Edward Norton). According to his theory eat right for your body type can help you reach your fitness and diet goals. Endomorphs who struggle to lose fat while adding both fat and muscle easily following a combined strategy for diet and exercise to lose weight.
General recommendation
endomorphs need to focus on shedding fat and adds muscle and maintain a good balance between the two. More than any other type of body must endomorphs monitor their overall calorie intake if they want to lose weight and must shoot to take in fewer calories than they burn through exercise.

An endomorph can determine how many calories he needs to eat per day to maintain their current body weight by multiplying its current body weight by 15 (ie a £ 200person need 3 000 calories a day). Try eating 500 calories less than your maintenance weight each day. In a week this trimming will result in 3 500 calories stored which corresponds to £ 1 endomorphs who eat more calories than their maintenance level will not lose weight and will store the extra calories as fat. Sugar sweets and junk food should be removed from your diet.

Endomorphs can reduce their daily intake by eating small meals more often which will also help stave off hunger. Drink enough water to keep properly hydrated and to avoid over-training.
dietary advice
To burn fat for energy as much and as often as possible endomorphs curb their daily intake of carbohydrates (carbs) and also change the type of carbohydrates they eat. Slow absorbing carbohydrates (high glycemic index) will help to maintain stable insulin in the blood. This change in eating habits will especially help slower metabolism of endomorphs. Fast-absorbing carbohydrates (simple sugars junk food processed grains) however will cause insulin to spike making your body store these extra calories as fat.

Pick whole wheat bread bagels pasta and high-fiber grains choose sweet or plain white potatoes over high-calorie high-fat fries and eat brown rice (instead of white). Oatmeal also contains slow-absorbing carbohydrates and is also high in fiber which will enable a sense of fullness helping endomorphs eating less.

Because of their ability to gain muscle mass quickly endomorphs also need to consume more protein. As food rich in fiber high protein meals also activate a feeling of fullness helping endomorphs eating less. In addition extra protein prevent your body from breaking down its own muscle tissue for energy (when carb-loaded) thus preserving muscle mass. This in itself helps to burn more calories even when idle.

Since endomorphs need to cut back on total calories the easiest way to do this is to avoid fatty foods and low nutritional value and high calorie content. However endomorphs then take in essential fatty acids (EFA) that the body can not make on its own. EFAs include Omega 3 6 and 9. Also try to eat conjugated lineolic acids (CLA’s) found in flaxseed oil and supplements as Tonalin which helps regulate the body’s metabolism and encourage fat loss.
training Advice
endomorphs should lift moderate weights with a fast tempo (little or no rest periods) getting strength and a cardiovascular workout at the same time. Using complex lifts (like the bench and military press dead-lift and squats) will serve many of the major muscle groups at the same time and thus burns the most calories as well as the most muscle growth.

increase Also general fitness levels by walking or cycling often instead of driving. The goal should be to burn as many calories as possible while reducing how much you eat. As a general rule one should endomorph eat less on days when not exercising.