Recognize Bronchitis In Infants

Recognize Bronchitis In Infants
Recognize Bronchitis In Infants

bronchitis in infants is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. recognizing bronchitis in infants you may need to be aware of symptoms of disease. careful monitoring of infants suspected of having bronchitis is also important to avoid a chronic progression of the disease. when a medical diagnosis agree with your suspicions treatment of bronchitis in infants require over-the-counter medications and at-home remedies until the infection is gone.
if a baby has bronchitis from a viral infection you may notice a persistent cough where mucus develops after a few days. most infants can also have a moderate to high fever. Another sign that an infant may have bronchitis is dullness or crankiness that it is difficult to breathe increases.
a bacterial infection can cause an infant to experience problems in the airways. when infants are exposed to passive smoking most symptoms similar to asthma a breath condition which also starts in the lungs. you may notice wheezing or laborious breathing as the lungs are probably blocked from breathing polluted air.
severe symptoms suggestive of bronchitis in infants typically manifested after the disease is left untreated. these may include shallow breathing or an irregular heartbeat. some babies can stop breathing or have difficulty sleeping. Some of these symptoms can indicate a chronic form of bronchitis that can cause pneumonia if left untreated
treatment of bronchitis in children usually depends on the source of infection a viral infection is usually not. treated with antibiotics. Most pediatricians may recommend rest plenty of fluids and administration of an infant antipyretic medications. a bacterial infection is often treated with antibiotics. You can also use a humidifier to help clear breathing passage is blocked by a bacterial infection.

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