How To Lose Weight By Coconut Diet

How To Lose Weight By Coconut Diet
How To Lose Weight By Coconut Diet

The coconut diet is based on the theory that traditional populations that consumed much pure coconut oil very rarely had problems with weight gain and heart disease that many Western cultures struggling. There are also some claims that coconut fat is metabolized differently so they can get immediate energy instead of stored fat. There is still debate about this but if you want to know more about how you can lose weight on coconut diet then read on
do you need:!.
Natural coconut oil.
Strict diet plan.

– 1 –
Follow the first of four phases in coconut diet. Each phase is supposed to be accompanied by you to take 2-3 teaspoons of pure coconut oil every day.

– 2 –
Phase one is the 21-day weight loss kick off. This provides three meals and 1-2 snacks a day of focus on lean protein and vegetables. No grains sweets and most fruits should be avoided. Claims are many dieters can lose at least 10 pounds during this three-week span.

– 3 –
Phase Two is cleansing. This stage involves using various cleansing drinks as outlined by the diet based on vegetables and fiber that are meant to help cleanse the internal organs. Some versions of the coconut diet suggesting a colon cleanse product in addition during this time.

– 4 –
Proceed to the third phase which is re-introducing healthy carbohydrates in your diet. During this time as a dieter you are allowed to start eating whole grains fruits limited and limited amounts of starchy vegetables. This should help satisfy your body’s needs while bringing back only healthy carbohydrates.

– 5 –
Phase four which is maintenance. This phase is designed to ensure that the weight lost is lost forever. There is a very specific list of foods that are allowed from now on while some foods such as sweets alcohol and some sweets should be avoided.
Maintaining the good through strict eating habits that follow this diet outline to keep the weight off permanently.

Tips and Warnings

This diet has a fairly strict regiment so if you have trouble with restrictive diets you might find another choice.