How To Choose What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removed

How To Choose What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removed
How To Choose What To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removed

The day before you are scheduled to have your wisdom teeth removed you will have your fridge stocked with soft foods you can eat and be happy with in the first few days of recovery. You will not be in the mood or state chewing crunchy chewy or hard foods. You also will not want to go to the store after the procedure so being prepared is a must! Not only must you be careful what you eat you must also be prepared drink wise. Having a wide range of soft foods will be useful after you have your wisdom teeth removed because the only thing that will break up the first day or two to find something to eat. . When it is the highlight of the day a number will be appreciated
You need:.
soft food
. . Non-carbonated beverages

– 1 –
Here are some soft food options: yogurt cream of wheat mushy oatmeal ice cream refried beans pudding chunkless soup (tomato or cream of celery)

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You may also want to drink things like Ensure and Carnation Instant Breakfast and slimfast. The Starbucks frappuccinos you buy at the grocery store can also be yummy and filling. Just be sure to already have everything cooled.

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When it comes to drinks non-carbonated drinks recommended the first few days and whatever you do DO NOT DRINK with a straw! Good things to have is water tea Gatorade Kool-Aid. You will want to avoid juice that has a lot of citric acid.

Tips and Warnings

eat soft foods will not only keep you from gnaw your arm it will help you from developing dry socket.
Be careful with anything that is too hot or too cold. It can cause pain at the extraction site.