Food To Eat For A Gestational Menu

Food To Eat For A Gestational Menu
Food To Eat For A Gestational Menu

Gestational diabetes occurs when blood sugar — also known as glucose — being too loud while you are pregnant. Gestational diabetes is likely to disappear after the baby is born but if left untreated during pregnancy it can cause serious problems for you and your child. You can control blood sugar by consulting a doctor and eat the prescribed amount of carbohydrates proteins and fats.
breakfast Foods
To get gestational diabetes under control eat three meals a day starting with breakfast. Include carbohydrates like whole-wheat toast a cup of bran cereal or a cup of oatmeal. Drink milk eat sugar-free yogurt or eggs to get some protein in your body. A little bit of fat is also important to keep blood sugar levels normal then add 2 tsp. margarine to toast your. If you like fruit in the morning add raisins to cereal or drink some orange juice for your morning carbohydrates.
lunch Foods
Sandwiches are a good choice for lunch when you have gestational diabetes. Enjoy a sandwich made of whole-wheat bread for carbohydrates intake lettuce tomatoes fried steak or tuna for protein your so little fat in a teaspoon of mayonnaise or salad dressing. You can also add strawberries vegetable soup sticking carrot for a carbohydrate-filled side dish.
dinner Foods
For your last meal of the day you can get protein from a grilled chicken breast or salmon. Side dishes with carbohydrates include baked potatoes pasta rice whole-wheat rolls and raw vegetables and fruits such tossed salad green beans or apricots. You can add margarine to roll or salad dressing to your salad to get fat intake for that meal.
snack Foods
To maintain a consistent blood sugar you should also eat 1-3 small snacks one day in between meals. These snacks can contain things like half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk an apple with peanut butter yogurt whole-wheat crackers and cheese with a glass of apple juice graham crackers and other fruits.