Miriam Hospital Weight Loss Program

Miriam Hospital Weight Loss Program
Miriam Hospital Weight Loss Program

With obesity on the rise in America and weight loss become a focus of an increasingly overweight population some find themselves needing more help than others. Despite the seemingly endless variety of diets exercise programs and self-help tools some people-particularly seriously overweight people-may need more personalized help.

The Miriam Hospital in Providence Rhode Island has received recognition for his weight loss clinic
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Miriam Approach
The Miriam Hospital works with patients who are overweight at any level. However it offers special support to overweight.

There Miriam program takes a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss. Patients work with physicians exercise physiologists psychologists dietitians and social workers. The team looks at all aspects of the patient’s situation. Among the considerations are motivation and needs in eating and exercise effective training plans good nutrition as a basis for losing weight and how to deal with weight loss and weight maintenance in the world where the patient lives.

In addition to the specific food and exercise regimen a patient undergoes the patient also participate in 16 to 28 weeks of weekly group sessions with other patients. The program focuses on rethinking the way people relate to food and their bodies and think again about their life strategies in these areas. It may also take other psychological and clinical problems that may contribute to a person’s weight problem.
The Biggest Loser
The Miriam Hospital also studied the competition as a stimulus for weight loss. It was a sponsor of a program called Shape Up Rhode Island 2007. The study involved 4717 people who were divided into four teams to see which team can lose the most weight in 12 weeks. About 70 percent of participants were in the program until the end.

The Miriam Hospital concluded that more physically active participants and teams performed best. It also concluded that competition-similar to the format of the TV show The Biggest Loser -are an effective way to encourage weight loss.

Group participation is part of weight loss treatment at The Miriam Hospital.
Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center
The Miriam Hospital is affiliated with Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center and Brown University Medical School. The center clinical research on weight loss topics that youth weight management pediatric weight control weight control during and after pregnancy how family dinners affect children’s weight staying lean in a toxic environment and how to stop the weight re-gain.

The Marian Hospital is a clinical area for the center and also incorporates and implements procedures and programs of their own based on research results.”