How To Choose Supplements For Fat Loss

How To Choose Supplements For Fat Loss
How To Choose Supplements For Fat Loss

Diet supplements are big business and there are thousands of them to choose from. How do you pick the supplement that is right for you? Here are some useful tips to separate what works from what does not work
do you need:. .
A computer with Internet connection
A pen and paper.

– 1 –
First of all try and characterize your unique situation. Did you have a high metabolism through your youth but now gaining weight? Did you always gain weight? Have weight mostly around the middle and crave sweets? Do you get dizzy if you skip meals?

– 2 –
Next read the review sites such as Ultimate Fat Burner and 4 Supplement Reviews (see Resources below). List several that has good reviews and is made by reputable companies that do not practice deceptive billing.

– 3 –
See the information you gathered in step 1. Do you consistently overeat? In that case a Hoodia-based product to curb the appetite. If you have always been overweight and do not eat much so anything with thermogenic fat loss components Hydroxycut or Atro-Phex would be best for you. Just make sure you are not so affected by the caffeine found often in this type of supplement.

– 4 –
If you crave sugar and getting shaky between meals or most of the fat in your stomach your problem is most likely insulin resistance. It is important to cut the white sugar and flour from your diet and choose a supplement that contains ingredients known to control insulin such as potassium cinnamon or conjugated lineolic acid.

– 5 –
Price your supplement. If it mainly contains ingredients you can find in a health food store for less then buy the ingredients separately. If not then buy one month supply to test it out.
Run a test to see if it works by doing that you change nothing in your diet or exercise plan while you are taking supplements. Did you lose some weight? If yes then it works. Most supplements will not show dramatic results unless you also change your diet and exercise but there should be some results clearly.
If no results are obvious then choose another supplement and try again. If you see good results so now is the time to help out supplement by changing your diet and adding exercise.

Tips and Warnings

Be sure to drink plenty of water while taking any supplement.