How Many Calories Are In Banana Nut Bread?

How Many Calories Are In Banana Nut Bread?
How Many Calories Are In Banana Nut Bread?

A consistent crowd-pleaser is banana nut bread popular among home cooks and a communal bakery item. The calories found in banana nut bread can vary greatly with the type and amount of each ingredient used in addition to the size of the disc. A typical loaf of homemade banana nut bread can range 2500-3700 calories. Measurement of 12 relatively small slices per loaf the calories in a slice of banana nut bread range 210-300
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Calorie counting is a mystery when it comes to homemade recipes or food that is not necessary to note nutrition information such as items from small bakeries or certain restaurant items. While there is no simple recipe for banana nut bread those who count calories or control their body weight need a reasonable estimate of calories for each food they eat.
The basic recipe for banana nut bread is flour sugar bananas eggs a fat (oil butter or margarine) nuts and a leavening agent such as baking soda or baking powder. The oil butter or margarine account for most of the calories in banana nut bread about a third of the total calorie intake. Nuts although they are relatively calorie dense contribute only 10 percent of total calories. The most common nuts found in banana nut bread are walnuts and pecans. These two nuts have similar calorie content.
While homemade banana bread is a great way to save over-brown bananas you can also buy pre-made banana nut bread in bakeries or cafes or find boxed mixes at the supermarket. For more refined ingredients like hydrogenated fats and preservatives in many store-bought banana nut bread. But calories will most likely be comparable to the same size slice of homemade bread.
You can change the recipes for banana nut bread to reduce calories. Use applesauce in place of some oil or butter to reduce calories to less than 200 per wafer. It is worth to train your palate to enjoy less sweetness in foods such as banana nut bread. Using a half to two thirds of the original amount of sugar is another easy way to reduce overall calories. Whole wheat flour can replace part of the white flour. This results in fewer calories but also adds fiber and other nutrients lost during processing of white flour.
When it comes to sweets banana nut bread wins points for nutrient density. Unlike some other foods made from flour and sugar such as cakes and biscuits offers banana nut bread nutrient dense nuts and bananas. Along with calories gives banana nut bread a variety of vitamins and minerals.