How To Make A Lunch Box Ice Pack With A Frozen Drink

How To Make A Lunch Box Ice Pack With A Frozen Drink
How To Make A Lunch Box Ice Pack With A Frozen Drink

So how many times have you almost threw out the small ice pack that you put in your lunch so that it stays cold? Better yet how many times have you not taken lunch because of the excuse that the food would not stay long enough to be good when it was time to eat? Well here is the answer to this dilemma
You need:. .
A non-carbonated beverage that would taste good cold
A freezer to keep it overnight.
A meal that you had to consume at work.

– 1 –
Find a beverage that you like to drink cold and there are also non-carbonated. Preferably one that is already sealed in a container or can be set to one.

– 2 –
If it is sealed open it and remove a small portion of the content so that when it freezes the expansion of the liquid becomes firm does not cause the container to fail. If it is not sealed put it in a sealed container and let a little bit of room at the top for expansion factor. Put it in the freezer overnight.

– 3 –
In the morning when bagging or boxing your lunch place the now frozen container for liquid inside the lunchbox. Close up the bag or box and let food cool before you are ready to eat.

– 4 –
Later in the day when it’s time to eat lunch removing items and enjoy. You now have a cold lunch that stayed safe from harmful bacteria growing in the heat. You now also have an icy cold drink to cleanse the pallet!

– 5 –
If lunch bag is disposable and beverage container is virtually everything is in order. Just throw garbage and there is nothing left to lug around with you for the rest of the day.

Tips and Warnings

Capri-Sun or another bag style juice box usually works best.
This is great for kids who might forget to keep the ice pack with them.