Vanadyl Sulfate Hazards

Vanadyl Sulfate Hazards
Vanadyl Sulfate Hazards

Vanadyl sulfate is a substance derived from the mineral vanadium. It is a popular bodybuilding supplement that is involved in bone growth and development. Vanadyl sulfate mimics the function of insulin break down blood sugar glucose quickly for energy. It breaks down glucose by enhancing the sensitivity of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Vanadyl sulfate can cause toxic side effects when consumed in large doses or used long term
Vanadyl sulfate found in the mineral vanadium. There are many plants and animals including foods like peppers radishes vegetable oils and oats. Vanadyl sulfate dissolved amino acids and glucose for them to pass smoothly though cellular membranes and provide energy to cells. Although Vanadyl sulfate is found in various dietary sources the human body only absorb up to 5 percent of vanadium intake. There is still much debate about whether Vanadyl sulfate is an essential nutrient.
Vanadyl sulfate mimics the effect of insulin when administered to diabetic people and animals. It greatly reduces the dependence of insulin in diabetic patients. It slows down the spread of prostate cancer and lowers cholesterol. However Vanadyl sulfate not currently used as a treatment option because of harmful side effects of prolonged use.
Muscle Building
Vanadyl sulfate is a supplement used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase performance. It can be purchased in most health food stores or online. Vanadyl sulfate stimulates protein and glycogen synthesis by transporting amino acids and glucose directly into muscle tissue. Companies that promote vanadyl sulfate claims that it can give you more energy and increase the hardness and size of the muscles.
side Effects
There are many side effects of long-term use of vanadyl sulfate as nausea abdominal pain diarrhea increased cholesterol liver and kidney damage. There is also a high risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and leucopenia (low white blood cells). Insulin diabetics and patients with compromised immune systems should not take vanadyl sulfate.
drug Interactions
Prescription medications can interact with vanadium particularly drugs used to thin the blood as Warfarin or Coumadin. Taking vanadyl sulfate with these drugs can cause excessive bleeding. In addition medications that can lower blood sugar levels as aspirin and exubera is not to be taken with vanadium supplements.