Mass Gaining Tips

Mass Gaining Tips
Mass Gaining Tips

Given the concern with obesity and weight loss it is surprising that some people want to gain weight. But once you understand that it’s muscle mass that someone wants to get it is not surprising at all. Gain muscle mass makes it easier to prevent obesity since it burns more calories than fat according swolen Fitness.
A good way to increase muscle mass is progressive overload. Weight training is often the best way to achieve this. This is because you can know exactly how much weight you can lift how many times and increase this. You must place increasing demand on your body and forcing it to adapt constantly. By making small gradual weight you lift or the number of repetitions you do you can increase muscle mass over time. Cardiovascular workouts can reduce muscle gains by releasing catabolic hormones that break down muscle tissue. If losing fat is a goal a maximum of 20 minutes of high intensity interval training is recommended. .
Exercise causes micro-tears in muscles you work and the repairs over the next week or so causing muscles to grow. For muscles to grow they must have proper nutrition. An ideal bodybuilding diet allows muscles to grow without increasing fat intake. A key to doing this involves increasing the amount of protein in the diet. Good sources of protein include meat chicken fish nuts and seeds. A rule of thumb is that you should eat one gram of protein per day for every kilogram of body weight. However a low-fat diet is not desirable for a body builder because fat increases muscle building chemicals called anabolic hormones such as testosterone growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). Water is essential for achieving high energy levels and potential strength. Eight to 12 glasses a day is recommended.
Sleep is very important to gain muscle because muscle tissue repairs itself during this time. During sleep the body releases growth hormones blood flow increases and the metabolic rate slows down to the ideal speed for muscle repair and growth. Stress reduction is important because stress makes the body a catabolic state which breaks down muscle.
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