Eating And Drinking Well And Save More Than A Dollar A Day

Eating And Drinking Well	And Save More Than A Dollar A Day
Eating And Drinking Well And Save More Than A Dollar A Day

We are all feeling the pinch of higher gas prices and must find ways to save money where we can and eat and drink healthier. And you can with moderate adjustments
You need:.
small cooler
Travel mug or thermos.
Lunchbox or equivalent.

– 1 –
Instead of heading to Starbucks or local coffee house on the way to work bring your own coffee latte or hot tea from home in your travel mug or thermos. Do not buy designer coffee saves you $ 2- $ 5 per visit. A cup or two of coffee or tea you prepare cost less than $ 1.

– 2 –
In your little cooler add your favorite beverage (water tea juice) with some blue ice to keep them cool. Try to include a few more drinks than you anticipate needing for the entire day. You can easily spend $ 1- $ 4 per day by buying soda at the vending machine. And if you go out to (a restaurant or sit-down for) lunch not only are you paying at least $ 1. 50 for drinks you also pay a tip on top of it. If you buy drinks in bulk you should be able to spend less than $ 4 for 6-8 drinks (depending on your drink). Water and tea is pretty cheap.

– 3 –
Prepare lunch. Maybe you want a sandwich and chips (or cookies). Maybe a prepared salad (or make your own-even cheaper). Or fruit and cheese. Be sure to add some blue ice to keep it well chilled. Most delis charge at least $ 4 a sandwich $ 1 for chips $ 4- $ 10 for a salad and at least $ 0. 75 for a banana. If you plan well you may luncheon choice be $ 2- $ 3 range. And if you eat the leftovers from dinner the lunch costs even lower.

Tips and Warnings

Imagine going to work as an adventure. You want to have choices in what you eat and drink.
Make a list before you go to your weekly grocery visits and try to stick with it.
Try not to stop at the grocery store more than twice a week-the more you go the more you spend
Insert (fresh) chips on top of Bologna yours. . Pickles in peanut butter sandwich. Butter and jelly rolls. Broken tortilla chips on the salad. Crab (or chicken or tuna) salad of avocado. Be creative!