Smart Weight Loss Tips

Smart Weight Loss Tips
Smart Weight Loss Tips

There are many reasons for someone to lose weight. In addition to improving your physical appearance shedding extra pounds is beneficial for your overall health. Although many people turn to pills and supplements the best way to lose weight is to increase metabolism through proper diet and exercise
An increased metabolism helps the body break down the food you eat instead store extra calories as fat. A proper diet can jump-start your metabolism. Eat six to eight small meals a day helps your body increase the speed and possibility for digestion. In addition eating every two hours to help prevent you from getting too hungry all day and as a result indulge in over eating.

Along with changing eating routine it is necessary to eat meals that are both nutritious and easy for the body to digest. Most people should not have a difficult time distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy food. Avoid foods that are high in saturated fat trans fat sugar and simple carbohydrates.
Exercise also helps speed up your metabolism. For best results you should combine cardiovascular exercise with light weights. Aerobic exercises like running biking and swimming are all effective ways to burn calories and speed up your metabolism. Aerobic exercise speeds the heart rate and keep it up for a longer period. When performing an aerobic exercise pick a pace that is difficult but possible to maintain for the duration of your workout. Cardiovascular exercise should be done two to three times a week for 20 to 45 minutes a workout.

Weight training gets rid of fat by creating muscle mass which speeds up metabolism. Although aerobic exercise is the basic part of a weight loss program it would be wrong to ignore strength training. For best results it is recommended that you exercise each muscle group in your body. However if you have a time constraint focus on the major muscle groups like legs buttocks chest and back. Start by doing 12-20 repetitions of low weight 2-4 times a week. As you get stronger you can slowly increase the resistance.