How To Lose Weight Quickly

How To Lose Weight Quickly
How To Lose Weight Quickly

Lose weight is quickly not difficult if you are dedicated. You must fallow the steps exactly and stick with a diet and exercise

– 1 –
Losing so much weight in a month you have to train one hour five days a week and a half hours twice a week. Make a half hours of hard aerobic exercise five days a week and a moderate trip the other two. The five one-hour days you need to stretch for ten minutes and do strength training the other twenty. When doing strength training break up body in the legs waist chest and arms. This means doing your arms one day and legs on another day.

– 2 –
Wear a pedometer and walk at least 12 000 steps a day. Park farther away from the store take the stairs walk to the mailbox when around the block and so on.

– 3 –
Eat healthy. Eat oatmeal with little or no sugar and a piece of fruit for breakfast. For a snack eat a yogurt cheese string or small handful of almonds. For lunch a salad of mostly vegetables and vinaigrette dressing. Another healthy snack. For dinner eat six and have small portions 3 grams of lean protein (chicken fish tofu or lean ground beef or turkey breast). Then fill the rest of the plate with your choice of vegetables. If you are like me and need something sweet then eat a 100 calorie snack for dessert. They come in so many choices whether you like ice cream or cookies. The point is to eat but beware of how healthy the food is and portion control. This plan has to eat three meals and three snacks but you will lose weight. Other things you can eat are whole grain breads pasta and pitas.

– 4 –
Diary and do not give up or think you have to start again because you had a bad day. You just go right back to plan the next day.

Tips and Warnings

Take a vitamin daily.
Try to eat 5 -9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.