How To Get A Flat Stomach In One Week

How To Get A Flat Stomach In One Week
How To Get A Flat Stomach In One Week

Get a flat stomach in record time! With some basic knowledge it is not difficult but you may have to learn the basics about nutrition first. You can do this it is very simple. If you are in love junk food there are alternatives that taste just as good if not better
You need:. .
One week
physical activity.
some extra time to plan your next meal.

– 1 –
Dieting is not necessary but changing your current diet is. The focus is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and whole wheat bread. Avoid processed foods or anything high in salt saturated fat and processed sugar. Cut out everything that is not found in nature. (You can find fish and soy in nature but you can not find candy and soda)

– 2 –
Exercise. It is a must to do over an hour of cardio a day (try to run or cycling) Include some strength training that focuses on abs. Exercising does not have to be coach get out and walk around. To make your metabolism skyrocket making short sharp workouts. For example instead of going for 30 minutes run for 10.

– 3 –
Continue to follow this plan. Keep healthy snacks around the house. Eat about 500 fewer calories than you burn each day to lose about half a kilogram of fat a week. To get a high metabolism eat several small light meals in the morning and walk the walk when you’re tired. Do not eat when you are bored the less you eat junk food the less you’ll crave it

Tips and Warnings

Drink 10 glasses of water. day
If you live with people who bring junk food into the house buy some fresh produce and light healthy meals.
Citrus fruits blast off belly fat.
It’s okay to eat some sweets. Learn serving size for your favorite treat on the food label and eat half of it.
If you like dessert after dinner eat a small cookie or candy
TRY THIS IF YOU can not imagine GIVE UP AMERICAN PIZZA for a week: Find a recipe for homemade pizza from an Italian cookbook (Italians are usually the only ones who know the best way to prepare pizza and pasta) or create your own pizza with an English muffin. With an English muffin less calories and carbohydrates come from bread.
Eat more food earlier in the day than at night. Better yet eat 5 or 6 small meals a day. You will have more energy during the day and at the same time you can spice up your metabolism
to reward yourself it helps to use things other than food as a reward shop or get a manicure + pedicure.
Reward yourself when you see progress. You’ve earned it!
Run with a dog or a friend to keep you motivated.
Cut out everything that is not found in nature. (You can find fish and soy in nature but you can not find candy bars and soda)
Avoid red meat dairy products and white bread.
Do not worry about that a water belly. You can have one if you drink water regularly but in a week or less you will feel more hydrated. Bonus: water can help you grow taller clear your skin giving you shiny hair and sparkling eyes
Wake up before 7 in the morning and eat breakfast during ยจ|n hour
If you are. . get ready to wear a bathing suit try a spray tan or get a good tan all over.
Get enough sleep.
Sit up straight! You will instantly look taller and slimmer.
Eat some pineapple in own juice to reduce bloating.
Determine your daily calorie needs in a few minutes with an online calculator. Then eat about 500 calories less than that every day.
Do not starve yourself.
If you really have no idea what you’re doing searching for a nutritionist or a trainer for professional advice.
do not expect to see results in a day