How To Fight And Deal With Hunger / Appetite

How To Fight And Deal With Hunger / Appetite
How To Fight And Deal With Hunger / Appetite

It is not so easy to lose weight when you want to eat all the time. Here’s what helped me to curb my appetite
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Healthy food

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Below are some tips that have helped me loose. . weight by eating less and do not eat at night. I have tried many methods and this is what has worked best for me far. Try them out and hopefully you can drop some pounds feel better and save money by eating less.

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The first tip is a no-brainer and perhaps not worth mentioning but it is. Portion control. Get in the habit of not eating your fill especially when eating out. Why eat a lot more than you have to obviously have?

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My and Oprah’s little gem. Hoodia. Hoodia is a natural extract from a cactus plant found in Africa. I’ve been drinking it (also available in pills) for a few months and it has helped me to establish a healthy eating plan. Hoodia acts as an appetite suppressant. It really helped me especially after dinner to curb food cravings. Do a little online research on different types of Hoodia products. I buy a liquid bottle from Costco ($ 20) because the liquid contains fiber which helps to fill you up too.

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I lost most of my weight by not eating late. I loved to eat around 3A00 until 10:00 at night. It was a hard habit to kick. The hoodia helped a lot. Here’s how I changed my plan to eat less today and especially at night. I’m never super hungry in the morning which I find is most people are not as well. Ship your early 7:00 breakfast. Have a light breakfast around 3A00-10: 00. Skip your 24:00 lunch. Have a heavy lunch around 1:30. In this way you can eat a light dinner. The Hoodia product will keep you from having food for dinner.

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Get in the habit of reducing calories you eat as the day goes. By having big meal earlier in the day as opposed to eating the big meal for dinner you can burn calories during the day instead of sleep with them all night.

Tips and Warnings

I am convinced that after a week or two of this you will establish a healthy habit that will be much easier to live.