Eating On Vacation Without Weight Gain

Eating On Vacation Without Weight Gain
Eating On Vacation Without Weight Gain

My clients often worry about gaining weight while on vacation. Enjoy summer without worrying waist
You need:.
snacks from home
clock with alarm

– 1 –
Pack snacks -. . It is important to continue the pattern of eating frequently throughout the day even while on vacation. Since it is not practical to stop every time you need to eat you need to plan ahead. Pack snacks from home that you like snack bars nuts peanut butter crackers and other packaged foods can often be the most practical. Be sure to carry them with you while you are out and about during the day. It does little good if they are back in the hotel room
Follow a schedule -. . Many people struggle to eat frequently throughout the day. This can happen because there are many distractions and get you busy enjoying yourself. If you go too far but you’ll get greedy. This will lead to overeating. It may be helpful to use a clock with multiple alarms. You can set alarms for snack times since meals are easier to remember.
This pattern of frequent eating is very important to avoid overeating while on vacation. You will be able to stop when you are comfortably full lot easier if you are not hungry when you start the meal. The frequent eating also helps to keep your metabolism up which can be an important component to maintain your weight
Eat according to signals -. . This is the most important. You must eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are full. The only exception to this is the snack you can not feel hungry if you are distracted. This does not mean you need to eat-you are just not paying attention to your signals and may miss your hunger signals
Do not let yourself get too hungry -. You overeat. Being too hungry corresponds get too full. Since all of your meals will be out you do not want to be too hungry with the larger portions available to you
Choose foods you like -. . Do not make the mistake of trying to eat healthy” while on vacation. First this creates too much focus on food. You want to be engaged in the enjoyment of the trip-not calculate calories in your head.
Secondly if you do not let yourself get what you really want you tend to overeat-either “healthy” foods or later on something you really like. Either way it results in consuming more food than you would have if you’d just ordered what you wanted in the first place.
Remember that sometimes your weight fluctuates only from traveling. Fluid shifts and unusual foods can cause the body to feel a little “off”. When you get home you will resume your normal eating pattern. Any fluid changes etc. will adjust and your weight will return to normal. Try to relax and enjoy yourself (meaning not binge) and let the body take care of itself.

Tips and Warnings

Continue ‘intuitive eating “even when you are on holiday
Use your hunger and fullness cues (see link to the tool)
eat foods you love-you will be more satisfied and eat less total
Do not use the holiday as an excuse to binge. If you are normally restrictive you may see this as a time to let loose. You should not be restrictive in all situations -. Use intuitive eating or normal eating to manage behavior at home or on holiday”