Foods That Naturally Increase Testosterone

Foods That Naturally Increase Testosterone
Foods That Naturally Increase Testosterone

Testosterone plays a role in libido for both men and women. As men and women age the body produces less testosterone. There are a number of vitamins and minerals that helps in testosterone production that occurs naturally in foods. Use of certain foods to increase testosterone production is a cheaper and safer alternative to testosterone supplementation
Folic acid helps the body metabolize protein. Avocados have plenty of folic acid. Amino acids found in figs also help increase testosterone production and sexual stamina. Essential fatty acids which are the essential elements of all hormone production found in nuts.
Vitamin B6 play a role in increasing testosterone production. Eat avocados salmon eggs and bananas to increase B6 intake. Vitamin E also helps testosterone production in both men and women and is found in asparagus wheat germ sunflower seeds hazelnuts peanuts spinach broccoli kiwi and mango.
Potassium helps regulate a woman’s thyroid gland which can lead to an increase in female testosterone production. Potassium is found in bananas cantaloupe honeydew kiwi lima beans milk oranges potatoes prunes spinach tomatoes zucchini and avocado.
Bromelain an enzyme found in bananas have been found to increase testosterone levels. The only other foods containing bromelain is pineapple.
Riboflavin is one of the nutrients used in testosterone production. Lots of foods have riboflavin though some have more than others. Foods highest in riboflavin coffee beef lamb tea pork mushrooms sea cucumber seaweed mollusks watercress beets turkey eggs squash and beans.
Oysters are known as aphrodisiac foods. Background of aphrodisiac properties of oysters is their high zinc content which increases the body’s testosterone level. Pine nuts brown rice peanuts beans whole grains potatoes yogurt cheese and turkey also contains zinc.
Glutamine helps moderate testosterone levels. Glutamine comes from foods that are also high in protein such as beef chicken fish beans and dairy products.