Weight Loss Guidelines For Children

Weight Loss Guidelines For Children
Weight Loss Guidelines For Children

Since the early 1970s the number of American adolescents classified as overweight or obese more than doubled. About 25 percent of the children participating in any vigorous physical activity according to the educational health website Overweight Teen. com. It is widely accepted that obesity can cause a number of lifelong health problems such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes — even in children. Not only is it not too early to help children maintain a healthy weight but rather now is the time to educate them about how to always maintain a healthy weight.
Stop Weight Gain
The first goal to help a child lose weight is to prevent the possibility of further weight gain. Do this by analyzing their diet. Substitute diet soda for regular. Even better encourage him to drink mostly water with only one or two diet colas throughout the day. Be sure to level with your child: even diet drinks can cause weight gain. Researchers at Purdue University found that laboratory rats given yogurt sweetened with saccharin the same sweetener found in diet drinks actually gained more weight and put on body fat. Their theory is that saccharin may alter the body’s ability to regulate the caloric intake. Other healthy substitutes include low-fat or non-fat milk for whole milk fruit instead of candy and lean grilled or broiled poultry instead of red meat.
Cut Back
After replacing sugary and fatty foods for more healthy options you can begin to analyze how much a child eats on a daily basis and try to cut down gradually. It is important to look at the nutritional panel on all foods brought into the house. Most school-age children need 1 600 to 2 500 calories per day. To find out how many calories children need check with your pediatrician to calculate their body mass index. A body mass index looks at the child’s height weight and age and calculates how much body fat he has. It is not so important to cut down on the amount of food your child eats if she eats healthy food but also cut down on calories.
You’ve probably heard that the children do not get enough exercise anymore. Between all of their computer use computer games and physical education cutbacks in school kids just sit around all day at his desk or at home on the couch. Whether this is true for your kid or not some children on a weight loss regiment physical activity. If you live near the school encourage your children to go with their friends. On weekends take family bike rides. Enroll your child in a karate class or football in the spring. Under the scorching summer months take the kids to a neighborhood pool or join a swim club. One of the best ways to keep kids committed to any sport or activity is if you sit on the sidelines and cheer them along the way.