How To Pasteurize Milk

How To Pasteurize Milk
How To Pasteurize Milk

Do you have fresh milk? Are you afraid to try fresh milk because of health? Now you can try fresh milk pasteurize it at home and have the best tasting and healthiest milk available full of all the nutrients and vitamins unavailable in processed milk and milk products
You need:.
Fresh Milk
. Water bath or two pots that will nest.
Cooking thermometer.

– 1 –
Find a dairy and get some fresh milk. Many dairy’s are allowed to privately sell milk. Or find someone who has dairy animals and either buy or switch to cow or goat milk. Cow’s milk and goat’s milk should both work.

– 2 –
Pour the milk into a water bath. Record temperature quickly.

– 3 –
Boil the milk to 145 F as quickly as possible. Keep it in 145F for 20 minutes. Stir constantly to keep from scorching.

– 4 –
Fill a large saucepan with ice. After the milk is pasteurized set the pan containing milk in ice. The point is to cool milk as quickly as possible. Stir the milk. You can also use only cold water.

– 5 –
The milk is ready to be placed in the refrigerator.
Now you can enjoy nature’s best.