How To Make Protein Coffee

How To Make Protein Coffee
How To Make Protein Coffee

Combining flavored protein powder with hot coffee is not only a great way to add protein to your morning beverage it also adds flavor and can perk yourself a cheap cup of joe. Protein powders come in a variety of flavors and will give the coffee a creamy texture without adding milk or cream. Make sure you use high-quality protein that tastes great on its own. Special protein can not be resolved well and an unpleasant taste will spoil the whole cup

– 1 –
Brew a pot of coffee in the coffee pot as you would normally. While waiting for the coffee to brew you can choose which flavor of protein powder you want. Chocolate and vanilla are both great in coffee but love to be adventurous and try flavors like strawberry or banana. You can discover a delicious new favorite.

– 2 –
Pour about 1/2 cup of hot freshly brewed coffee into a coffee cup.

– 3 –

Add a scoop of protein powder. You can add 1/2 scoop if you plan to drink a cup of coffee later. Stir protein powder into the coffee until it dissolves. The coffee gets a little thicker.

– 4 –
Fill the coffee cup up with more hot coffee. Give it another quick stir and delight. The coffee should not need any additional sweetener because of flavor and sweetener in the protein powder.