Foods High In Vitamin C And E

Foods High In Vitamin C And E
Foods High In Vitamin C And E

Vitamins C and E are filled up easily by certain foods. Vitamin C is most in fruits and vegetables while vitamin E is more diversified and in seeds nuts vegetables fruits fish and some other foods like peanut butter. How do you know if you need these two vitamins? Certain lifestyle rob the body of nutrients
Robbers and lack character
If your lifestyle includes smoking alcohol pollution stress and fried foods your vitamin C drops. If you eat fried foods taking oral contraceptives or live or work in areas such as air pollution the body will have a decrease in vitamin E. The body sends us signs to signal that we need these vitamins. If you are bruising easily have gums that bleed or experiencing joint pain or excessive hair loss these are signs of vitamin C deficiency. Severe PMS fertility problems or lack of sex drive are signs of vitamin E deficiency. Check with your doctor he may want to run a simple blood test
How much
Supplements content on food labels. . If a packaged food has vitamin E or C content requires the Food and Drug Administration amount of content to be on the label. The recommended daily allowance for vitamin E for adults is 15 mg or 22.4 IU a day and for vitamin C is the 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.
Functions Vitamin C and E
Vitamin C counteracts stress from behind the scenes turn down the first signs of an infection. Exploitation is an astonishing rate in times of stress. C is a water soluble vitamin so it leaves the body quickly through the urine. Therefore vitamin C to be replaced daily. Vitamin C also has antihistamine and antioxidant action to combat infections.

Vitamin E increases formation of blood vessels assists in normalizing blood viscosity and is important for heart cellular respiration. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant which is essential for the absorption of iron.
Snack on vitamin enriched food
An easy way to fill vitamins is to snack on raw sunflower seeds peanuts hazelnuts or almonds. Nuts that are boiled salted and processed have the same benefit. Raw unsalted nuts can be purchased in health food stores and has the highest vitamin content
foods rich in vitamin C
The vegetables that have the highest value of vitamin C is :. Peppers cauliflower watercress tomatoes cabbage peas broccoli potato skin and spinach. Try to eat them raw with a little ranch dip. Also these fruits are high in vitamin C lime grapefruit strawberries melon kiwi oranges guava papaya mango and tangerines. Fruit is the most beneficial if eaten alone and tomorrow.
foods rich in vitamin E
There are five categories of foods that rank high in vitamin E. Seeds and nuts are good in a salad or as a snack. Those who are rich in vitamin E include sunflower seeds peanuts hazelnuts and almonds. The second highest is vegetables baking sweet potatoes or beans and lightly steamed peas spinach and broccoli. Only two fruits contain much vitamin E kiwi and mango. Fish has the highest amount of vitamin E especially sardines tuna and salmon. Finally a few others are food peanut butter wheat germ unrefined corn oil and wheat germ oil.
boiled reduces vitamin content of foods. To receive full benefits eat raw fruits and vegetables are best. Fish is best steamed poached or boiled in any way never raw. Steam stew or cooking vegetables in small amounts of water or microwave for a short time