What Foods Have The Most Uric Acid In Them?

What Foods Have The Most Uric Acid In Them?
What Foods Have The Most Uric Acid In Them?

Foods that contain purines which converts into uric acid in the body can trigger a condition called gout in susceptible individuals. Gout is an arthritis that affects some individuals in the feet. It emerges from the big toe and can render the person can not go to a specific foot for a while
Oatmeal can be good for the body in many ways including by lowering cholesterol. Oatmeal can also be instrumental in preventing heart disease. Unfortunately consuming oatmeal too often can also lead to gout problems because it contains purines.
Red Meat
Meat including seafood and meat contain large amounts of purines. It is generally recommended that people who suffer from gout try to avoid large amounts of lobster and steak. A diet with more lean meat with an occasional lobster dinner can be a better option.
Mushrooms contain purines but they also have a high water content which may be useful in diluting the uric acid. After eating foods that contain high levels of purine drink as much as ten glasses of water a day may prove useful in diluting the uric acid in the body.
Green peas
Green peas contain purines. Eating green peas on their own or as an ingredient in other dishes can bring on gout in some people.
Dried black beans kidney beans and chickpeas are just some of the prayers that can cause gout. These beans can have healthy proteins but they can also increase the body’s purine levels.
Spinach provides the body many nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Unfortunately spinach also body with purines. Since the exact amount of spinach that increase the risk of gout is not certain it is advisable to eat it in small quantities and not often.
The chance of gout can be increased by eating certain seafoods that contain higher amounts of purines. The types of fish associated with gout include sardines trout herring and anchovies. Other types of seafood such as scallops carrying an equally high risk of gout.