Using Oxygen Diet To Lose Weight

Using Oxygen Diet To Lose Weight
Using Oxygen Diet To Lose Weight

Oxygen as you breathe in is only about 23% oxygen. New oxygen bars have appeared throughout the country that offer 100% pure oxygen to his patrons. Pure oxygen users report weight loss due to appetite suppression of oxygen treatments

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OXYGEN BARS-Oxygen bars are displayed across the country to service individuals who want pure oxygen treatments without prescription. You can also get odorized oxygen for an aroma therapy effect. Almond peppermint and eucalyptus are the best scents to help you suppress your appetite
HEALTH SPAS -. . Many spas offer no oxygen therapy as part of a day at the spa. Many argue that oxygen is a fountain of youth for them. To give them more energy helps them to lose weight and prevent diseases. Bring an oxygen treatment on the next day at the spa
ATHLETES -. . If you are an athlete you can already receive oxygen treatments before your sport. If you are an athlete who still do not get the oxygen treatments ask coach for details.