Ultrasound is an imaging technique used very often in the medical field for the purpose of diagnosis or evaluation. it is a completely noninvasive procedure that involves the use of high frequency sound waves to map an image of internal body structures. the type of sound used often called ultrasound is at frequencies of two to 18 megahertz far above the range that the human ear can detect.
the most famous use of ultrasound in obstetrics in which it is used to display an unborn fetus. fetal ultrasound serves a variety of purposes. the location of the placenta the relative position of the child as well as its gender and health of its main bodies can all be determined through ultrasound. possible complications and multiple births can also be detected making ultrasonography a valuable tool during prenatal care. Barring any previous complications it is typical for a routine fetal ultrasound to be performed when the fetus has reached a gestational age of 20 weeks.
there are also many other uses of ultrasound outside obstetrics. most areas of the body can be seen through the use of ultrasound. heart bones kidneys stomach -tarmkanalen muscles and nerves are just some of the organs and systems that can be observed by ultrasound. one of the only means which can not be observed well by this technique are the lung because they contain air which keeps the ultrasound waves from passing through them.
the value of ultrasound as such is not limited only to diagnosis but have some therapeutic uses as well. For example ultrasound can be used to clean the teeth and to treat cataracts. focused in a certain way it can also be used to destroy kidney stones and treat cancerous tumors. ultrasonography has only been in wide use since the latter part of the 20th century. given the relative newness of this type of medical technology further discoveries will probably be made in relation to its usefulness for diagnosis and treatment.

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