How To Kick Chocolate Addiction

How To Kick Chocolate Addiction
How To Kick Chocolate Addiction

From candy cookies and other confections to milk shakes and ice cream flavored coffee breakfast food and even medicine. Chocolate is everywhere! That is why it is almost impossible for chocoholics to stay on the wagon. The best way to give up chocoholic ways is to go cold turkey. Okay maybe not quite cut chocolate out of your life but at least learn to channel your chocoholic tendencies and devour chocolaty goodness in moderation
You need:. .
Will Power
Lots and lots of willpower !.

– 1 –
First COMMIT. you need to make the decision to quit chocolate and commit to it. For chocoholics this is something of a difficult decision because you know comes to cravings on strong during the withdrawal period.

– 2 –
Second set goals. Set a goal a time period you do not use some chocolate. ZERO. A month is a good goal. This time frame will allow you to completely detox. Try to go further if you do not feel the need or desire for something sweet.

– 3 –
third refrain REPLACE. OUT. Avoid chocolate. Do not give into temptation. Sounds simple right? Wrong. . . so wrong! This is the hardest step. When you feel the urge to get into the secret stash hidden under all the towels in the kitchen drawer go to the refrigerator and take some fruit. It is sweet as candy and it can only get you through.

– 4 –
Fourth and last slowly reintroduce. When specified time is up you can slowly bring chocolate into your diet as long as you feel that you will not abuse it. Indulging once in a while is ok but the gorge is not. If you feel you are not ready to bring the chocolate back in your life go back to step 2 and set a new target.

Tips and Warnings

Indulge in moderation.
Will power. . . you can do it!