How To Do Raw Milk Yogurt

How To Do Raw Milk Yogurt
How To Do Raw Milk Yogurt

Raw milk enthusiasts who do not pasteurize their milk often prefer raw milk yogurt. Raw milk yogurt is made in much the same way as traditional yogurt. However raw milk not heated to high temperature to make raw milk yogurt. Raw milk yogurt is a nutritious meal or snack and easy to make. Here is a basic raw milk recipe

– 1 –
Obtain some raw milk produced in a clean healthy environment of healthy cows or goats. Ideally the raw milk raw milk yogurt be as fresh as possible.

– 2 –
Heat one quart of raw milk to 110 degrees F as the first step to make raw milk yogurt. Remove from heat source after reaching 100 degrees.

– 3 –
Add 2 tbsp. of living culture organic yogurt for appetizer. Stonyfield yogurt is a very good choice as a culture to make organic raw milk yogurt. Use a whisk to incorporate yogurt into the heated milk.

– 4 –
Pour the milk into a quart-size mason jar or other glass container. Cover the raw milk yogurt with lid.

– 5 –
Let raw milk yogurt in a hot (110 degrees F) place a heater or wrapped in heat pads in a cooler for eight hours.
Place the raw milk yogurt in the refrigerator to cool.
Enjoy raw milk yogurt. Add chopped fruit homemade jams fruit or vanilla extract and maple syrup for raw milk yogurt if desired.

Tips and Warnings

Make several liters of raw milk yogurt once by double or triple the recipe.
Use only raw milk from a clean trustworthy reliable source.