How To Do A Sex Diet

How To Do A Sex Diet
How To Do A Sex Diet

The sex diet involves two very popular activities for adults. This diet is popular for obvious reasons but it really is not innovative. It is simply conjoining two very popular activities among adults worldwide
You need:.
willing partner
. Low-fat high fiber diet.

– 1 –
Visit your doctor to make certain you are healthy enough to complete the sexual exercises that are part of this fabulous sex diet. Make certain your enthusiastic partner is also healthy enough to help you in sexual department.

– 2 –
Eat a low-fat high-fiber diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables sugar-free desserts and low-fat meat. Choose non-fat or low-fat dairy products over higher fat content dairy products. You can eat dark chocolate which is great for the heart and it is a well known aphrodisiac so it will help with the exercise part of this sex diet.

– 3 –
Exercise by having energetic sex as often as your partner is willing. Sex burns up to 200 calories in a half hour left of the activity. Change positions often to get your heart pumping but keep safety in mind. This sex diet will help you lose the desired weight and will bring a couple closer together.

– 4 –
Talk to your partner do activities outside the bedroom which keeps it close loving relationships and it will make this sex diet works better for you. Take a walk together sit and talk. Do other types of training together which will better equip you to maintain a high libido to perform the real exercise of this diet which is sex.

– 5 –
Cook a dinner full of low-fat high-fiber foods which are also aphrodisiacs to set the mood for exercise later that night. Put on a sexy outfit and take your partner often and give hints what’s coming. Come on perform sex part of this sex diet and burn calories.

Tips and Warnings

always ensure safety during this exercise.
Take contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
Use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
Visit your doctor to make sure you’re both healthy enough to enjoy the added benefits of sex diet.