How To Calculate Weight Watchers Activity Points

How To Calculate Weight Watchers Activity Points
How To Calculate Weight Watchers Activity Points

When you are on Weight Watchers program you food intake is limited to a certain point allotment. If you want to eat more than the specified point allocation allows it you can earn extra points by exercising. But knowing how many points you earn based on your activity is not a guessing game Weight Watchers offers a formula to calculate your activity points
You need:.
points Booster
. Scale and weight.
Number of minutes of exercise.
Level of exercise intensity.

– 1 –
Calibrate scale before weighing yourself. Do this by placing a known weight as a £ 5 bag of flour directly on the scale. When you make sure that the scale is right step on the scale and weigh yourself. Write down your exact weight. If you do not have a scale at home you can also get your current weight to regular Weight Watchers meeting.

– 2 –
Exercise at least 10 minutes. During training takes note of the intensity of the activity. To do this follow Weight Watchers intensity level specifications: 1. Low intensity means you do not sweat at all during the activity. 2. Moderate intensity means you start to sweat after ten minutes. Three. High intensity means you start to sweat between 3-5 minutes after starting your activity.

– 3 –
Use your Weight Watchers Points Booster tool calculate activity points by aligning your intensity level to the number of minutes exercised you. Without moving the slide marking your intensity level find your body weight. Now look in the window next to your body weight and points Booster will show activity points value.

Tips and Warnings

activity points earned must be consumed on the day you serve them they can not be saved for another day.
You can choose not to consume points earned instead of using them to increase the number of calories you burn that day.