Healthy Diets For Overweight Children

Healthy Diets For Overweight Children
Healthy Diets For Overweight Children

Childhood obesity is a serious health problem. Proper nutrition and exercise will help your child become much happier and healthier. But to impose a strict diet or withholding treats that other kids can eat freely can backfire. It is best to adopt a healthy lifestyle one step at a time
family Participation
It will be impossible to maintain a healthy diet for only one member of the family. The child who is denied ice while all other dishes up dessert will feel ostracized and his self-esteem will be adversely affected. Try to find healthy options for the whole family. For example an ice-cold slice of watermelon or barrels with strawberries enjoyed by all and no one should feel as if he is deprived.
Fast Food
The combined sugar fat and sodium are found in most any fast food meal can spell disaster for a child’s nutritional needs. Avoid fast food meals at any price and find healthier options at home that can be prepared quickly. For example baked potato wedges be broiled quickly and are much healthier than twice-fried version of the local takeaways. Avoid eating in the car and sit down together as a family. Each family member can benefit from family time together at meals.
One way to quickly combat empty calories is to change the available beverages in the refrigerator. Soda has absolutely zero nutritional value but are very high in sugar and calories. Instead keep a pitcher of ice water in the fridge and encourage the whole family to drink up. Fruit juice while the more nutritional value than soda are also high in calories. Instead of juice give your child a glass of water and an apple -. He’ll get more nutritional benefit (and fiber) from eating the actual fruit and will be better hydrated with water
occasional Treats
When dealing with an obese child to correct unhealthy eating habits it is still important to have an occasional treat. Much the same as dieting adults a child on a very restrictive diet will rebel and may binge on junk food or candy when parents are not around. Instead offer a treat every so often-maybe once a week. Decline parts too. A small scoop of chocolate ice cream once a week is a big improvement over three bullets every day.
Slow and steady
Changes in your child’s weight will not happen overnight and his diet should not change that quickly either. Instead work on easily achievable goals and make small changes every day. If your child is used to drinking soda with every meal and throughout the day reduced to a soda every day. Then cut back to a few per week followed by once a week until another soda is seen as a special treat not a daily beverage.
Physical activity
Just as important as the food your child eats physical activity will help her body lose weight and become stronger and healthier. Family participation will help in this area as well. Go for family walks in the evening or take a bike ride together. Play Frisbee in the park or hit the local swimming pool. Turn off the TV and computer and start moving around. Everyone in the family will benefit.