How To Take Phentremine

How To Take Phentremine
How To Take Phentremine

Phentremine is a prescription diet pill that has been in use since 1959. It stimulates a person’s fight or flight response causing a release of norepinepherine who have an appetite suppressing effect. Clinical studies have proven its effectiveness is to help people lose weight when taken correctly. Although it touched a little controversy in the 1990s when it was combined with fenfluramine resulting in heart valve problems this combination is no longer prescribed. It is safe when taken correctly and used under a doctor’s supervision.
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Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss whether phentremine is the best diet pill option for you and to get a prescription. Before writing a prescription your doctor will evaluate if you have certain conditions-such as heart disease diabetes or thyroid problems-that can be adversely affected by phentremine. Drugs. com says it also cause problems in people who today are taking an MAO inhibitor drugs

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Take the right dose of phentremine as prescribed by your doctor. Never take more than the prescribed amount even if you are tempted to try to increase the effect. An overdose can cause serious (even potentially lethal) effects.

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Take phentremine at the time of the day recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. Usually you will be asked to take it before breakfast when the stomach is empty. If it is taken later in the day it can disrupt your sleep patterns.

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Swallow phentremine pills whole. Do not crush or destroy them or open a capsule. The drug comes in a form that allows it to be released over tim. Be careful because you can take an accidental overdose if you tamper with the pill.

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Monitor side effects. Most will be mild-like headaches anxiety dry mouth itching and constipation or diarrhea. But there are some that may indicate a potentially dangerous allergic reaction to phentremine. If you swell have shortness of breath without apparent cause and experiencing chest pains and confused thoughts you should get immediate medical attention.
Talk to your doctor before you stop taking phentremine especially if you take it for a longer period. If you stop it abruptly yourself you may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Talk to your doctor and follow his advice to stop drugs. He can give you a plan to decline slowly.

Tips and Warnings

Combining never phentremine with another weight drug without talking to your doctor first. Taking it with certain other other diet medications such as fenfluramine dexfenfluramine (Redux) can cause pulmonary hypertension. This lung disease is rare but fatal.”