Foods To Avoid On A Low Sodium Diet

Foods To Avoid On A Low Sodium Diet
Foods To Avoid On A Low Sodium Diet

Low-sodium diets may benefit those with high blood pressure difficulty breathing and swelling of the legs due to water retention. Low-sodium diets require the elimination of certain foods. Read on to find out what to avoid while you are on a low sodium diet
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Meat and nuts
Cut down on smoked cured salted or canned meat with bacon cold cuts ham frankfurters sausage scrapple breakfast meats sardines caviar and anchovies. You should also refrain from eating frozen breaded meat and dinners burritos and pizza and canned starters such as ravioli Spam and chili. Salted nuts also contain a lot of sodium.
Buttermilk cheese cheese spreads and sauces and cottage cheese are all high in sodium. Macaroni and cheese mix is ??another high sodium choice to avoid.
Bread and Cereals
Bread and rolls with salted tops are high in sodium and should be avoided. You should cut quick breads self-rising flour and biscuit pancake and waffle mixes from your diet. Pizza biscuits corn bread bread crumb coating croutons and salted biscuits — and prepackaged mixes for potatoes rice pasta and stuffing — are high in sodium as well. Instant hot cereals may also contain high amounts of sodium. Overall the more processed a grain is the more likely it is to be high in sodium.
Fruits and vegetables
Canned vegetables and vegetables olives pickles sauerkraut and other pickled vegetables are very high in sodium and should be avoided. Pasta and tomato sauce that is not homemade are also sodium heavyweights. Relishes maraschino cherries and dried fruits should also be checked for their sodium content.
Other Foods to Avoid
Canned soup broth and bouillon and bottled salad dressings salted butter or margarine and instant pudding and cake mixes contain high levels of sodium. Regular peanut butter party spreads and dips can ruin low sodium diet. TV dinners they have meat in them or not tend to be high in sodium. In addition you should avoid adding salt to other foods while eating or cooking.
Diet drinks such as diet soda contains sodium which makes softened water.