Eating Healthier

Eating Healthier
Eating Healthier

Trying to eat healthier but not sure where to start? Here are some tips that I have found to work

– 1 –
Monitor your daily calorie intake (amount of calories you should eat depends on your activity level each day. For most people the recommended amount of calories to eat each day is between 2000-2500). Believe it or not monitoring of calories could be an interesting task! You may surprise yourself!

– 2 –
Eat wisely-not skip breakfast! It’s actually better to start the day with a big meal than it is to end the day with a big meal. You should really start the day with a decent sized well-balanced breakfast then you have a well-balanced lunch and finally should dinner be more around what you probably eat for breakfast-aka not much. You should also never leave the table feeling like you’re about to explode-this is not a good thing! Leave the table feeling content with what you have eaten.

– 3 –
do some research. Some people do not realize that they are not getting enough of certain vitamins every day (for example I discovered that I do not get enough vitamin D or E). Do some research or ask your doctor what is appropriate for you. You’ll feel much better when you start to get enough vitamins / minerals in their diet.

Tips and Warnings

This article is for only helps!
I’m not a doctor! I would check with your doctor or a nutritionist before cutting calories or start vitamin supplements.