Vitamins To Build Collagen

Vitamins To Build Collagen
Vitamins To Build Collagen

Collagen occurs naturally in your body as a protein complex responsible for keeping skin firm and supple. . As you age it decreases your skin natural collagen production and when combined with sun exposure resulting in premature aging. Specific vitamins support collagen production and can be supplied through food or vitamin supplements.
vitamin C
Vitamin C is commonly known to support the body’s immune system. It is also the main ingredient in collagen reports Dr. Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa of Food and Nutrition Research Institute in the Philippines. Vitamin C binds connective skin tissue as well as promote healthy cell regrowth. Many fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamin C such as strawberries oranges and greens. Any fresh raw ingredients generally carry large quantities of this collagen-producing nutrient.
vitamin E
Vitamin E supports collagen by encouraging regular cell renewal and regeneration. According to an article in the Annals of Surgery while vitamin C promotes collagen production synthesizes vitamin E and fuses the amino acids required to create collagen protein. The nutrient is also critical in healing wounds and ulcers. Foods rich in vitamin E include nuts avocados and seeds.
vitamin A
Vitamin A promotes collagen by fusing cells in a similar way to vitamin C. This nutrient is also necessary for the production of elastin the outermost layer of skin on the body that naturally protects the skin against aging environmental factors such as sun according to Skincare MD. High sources of vitamin A are dark leafy-green vegetables meat and liver. Vitamin A is frequently used in skin care products because it stimulates cell renewal by slowly pulling the outer layers to reveal new more elastic skin.