Split Peas Nutrition

Split Peas Nutrition
Split Peas Nutrition

Split peas are dry peas halved. Peas are legumes and are high in protein and low in fat. The most common use of split peas in split pea soup but they are suitable for many recipes
serving Size
A cup of cooked split peas counts as a serving according to nutrition website Nutrition Data.
Nutrition — Dry
A cup split peas cooked without salt contains 231 calories 1 g fat no cholesterol minimal sodium 16 g fiber 16 g protein according to Nutrition Data.
Nutrition — Canned
One serving of reduced-sodium canned split pea soup contains 180 calories 2 g fat 420 mg sodium 5 grams fiber 13 g sugar and 10 grams of protein according to Nutrition Data.
According to World’s Healthiest Foods split peas (as well as whole peas) is helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease and stabilize blood sugar and high in fiber which lowers cholesterol and helps prevent constipation and digestive problems.
Remove dirt or rocks then cover split peas in water (3 cups of water per cup of peas) boil reduce hit and simmer for half an hour according to World’s Healthiest Foods.