How To Lose Weight With The Help Of The Internet

How To Lose Weight With The Help Of The Internet
How To Lose Weight With The Help Of The Internet

Everyone will know the secret to weight loss. Well I hate to burst your bubble but it’s just to watch what you eat and exercising dreadlocks answer all. This is how I lost weight with the help of Internet

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First things first. You need to find out how many calories per day you should eat to lose weight. There are places online that calculates this for you. The daily calorie intake is based off of your age gender weight height and activity level. A half kilo of fat is 3 500 calories so to lose half kg per week must be calorie deficient 500 calories a day 7 days a week and you will lose half a kilo a week.

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Then you need to be a dedicated dieter. Get a small notebook or use a blackberry or palm pilot to document what you eat. Make sure that this device is small enough to take anywhere. Document everything you eat what type of food including calories. If you do not know calories you need to find this information out and pay attention to the serving size.

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If you happen to have Internet on your phone do a search before meals you are considering eating. Find meals calories to see whether you should only eat one serving or not to eat this meal at all. If you do not have internet at your fingertips when you need to use the option of a search engine to look up the name of the meal you do not know calories. If you ate the chili and had a Mesquite Chicken Salad search chili Mesquite Chicken Salad calories and see what you can find. I did a Yahoo search and found that this salad has 1 010 calories for most of us this salad almost full or half our daily count yikes! If your favorite meal happen to have a lot of calories see if you can remove or replace any of the ingredients and / or just eat a part of it and take the rest to go.

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I’ve added a link at the bottom of the article that will lead you to a free calorie intake calculator. This will make you aware of how many calories to eat each day based on your body. I recommend the 5-kilo weight loss steps check in with the calculator. As the body loses weight the body will adapt to the new size and you have to lower your daily calorie intake.

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Exercise! I can not stress this part enough. This part is difficult for anyone because no one has time to set aside for a 30-minute daily exercise plan. But if you have Cox Cable go to On Demand feature and view the health and wellness section. Here you will find free training videos that is updated monthly.
Dieting alone will lead you to lose weight but the results will be much faster with exercise. Do not forget to have an occasional dessert just not make it a regular occurrence. I’ve lost 30 pounds since March under this plan and although I do not hold me to my calorie amount religiously or exercising regularly I still use my calorie book and document everything I do to keep me focused.