Fresh Fish Diet

Fresh Fish Diet
Fresh Fish Diet

When you want to eat healthy be sure to include fish in your diet. Fisk is a terrific food that is not only an excellent choice for healthy eating but is also full of flavor and variety. Fish is low in calories and saturated fat and high in taste and health. Fish should be part of every diet at least two servings a week or more
Omega-3s and fish
Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is important for the body to help with many functions. However the body does not produce omega-3 naturally so we have to find it from other sources and that is where a healthy diet of fish come in. One of the biggest sources of omega-3 comes from oily fish. These include salmon and mackerel. The omega-3 found in these two fish are actually complex omegas which consists of two different acids known as EPA and DHA. This makes these fish perfect body more complex needs.
What Fish Do for Body
Omega-3s acids are important for the body in many ways. It helps with brain development and protect the heart and body against cancer and heart problems. Eating fish rich in omega-3s can also help to lower cholesterol by many. Fish also contains much more than this essential fatty acid. They are also high in vitamins minerals and more such as iron and zinc. The vitamins found in fish is important to build strong bones and muscles and can help keep your teeth strong.

Fish is an excellent source of protein which is important for muscle and tissue. Fish is an excellent replacement for those who love to eat meat but try to cut down on their diet as it is filling and satisfying.
types of fish
There are many to choose from to add to your diet. Cod and tilapia are both mild fish that is great for those who may not like the stronger taste of other varieties. They are also easily prepared in many different recipes and can easily be brushed with butter and spices and baked for a quick meal. Other fish that can complete a healthy diet is salmon orange roughy tuna trout mackerel shrimp scallops and mussels. Fresh fish is the best but frozen fish can be just as healthy.