What Is The Apple Patch Diet?

What Is The Apple Patch Diet?
What Is The Apple Patch Diet?

The Apple Patch Diet is a supplement designed to promote weight loss. The supplement is a gum that contains several ingredients that have stimulating effects and appetite-reducing properties. When consumed in conjunction with a healthy diet the dieter can lose weight and keep their appetite under control
The Apple Patch Diet supplement is readily available online from the makers of the supplement and through partners who assist in distributing the product. A two-month supply of the product can be purchased for $ 49. 95 and does not require a prescription.
It is marketed as a natural supplement that reduces appetite cleans teeth after meals to combat tooth decay freshens breath improves digestion and improves concentration. For more information and answers to common questions visit the company Any questions?” . Side of apple patch diet. com / d. cgi / gt99381 / questions. html
key Ingredients
The Apple Patch Diet supplement contains the following active ingredients: Hoodia Gordonii yerba mate vitamin B6 cha de Bugre guarana green tea leaf extract and White Willow bark. These ingredients are delivered in the form of a chewing gum should be chewed during the day so that the herbal ingredients can be ingested in the saliva.
Hoodia Gordonii is a natural appetite suppressant which reduces cravings. Yerba mate and guarana are natural stimulants that increase energy and alertness and may also reduce appetite. White willow bark has chemical properties similar to aspirin and can help to relieve aches and pains experienced by exercising. Green tea leaf extract is an antioxidant that also acts as a fat burner due to its thermogenic properties. Both guarana and cha de Bugre are natural appetite suppressants and stimulants. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the treatment of amino acids and convert protein to energy. Together these ingredients work to make dieting easier. If the dieter eats less food for an extended period she may be able to lose weight.
In addition to being sold as a weight loss product in the consumer market Apple Patch Diet program designed to be a home-based business opportunity for anyone who wants to make a commission by selling Apple Patch Diet independent. Business representatives are given a website that they advertise and promote to generate sales. These partners earn $ 25 for each booking made through their websites and must pay a $ 10 fee to participate. Partners are also given a $ 25 when they first register. More information about the affiliate program can be found by going work-at-home vault. com / Make-Money / Review / Apple Patch Diet. html.
The herbal ingredients in Apple Patch Diet has not been approved as a weight loss mix of United States Food and Drug Administration. There have been no formal clinical trials or research conducted to support claims that the supplement is effective or safe weight loss aid but this supplement is sold over the counter.”