Nutritional Value Of Popcorn

Nutritional Value Of Popcorn
Nutritional Value Of Popcorn

The nutritional value of popcorn changes slightly when you add things to it like butter cheese caramel and salt. But still popcorn a healthy snack for children adults and for those who have diabetes
Air popped
Air-popped popcorn based on a one-cup serving size of about 11 grams has 30 calories (five are from fat). No trans-fat no cholesterol and no sodium in air popped popcorn. The 6 grams carbohydrates 1 gram fiber and protein make popcorn a healthy snack for people with diabetes.
oil popped
Oil-popped popcorn has 60 calories (25 calories are from fat). Oil-popped popcorn has 5 grams saturated fat 95 mg sodium and no cholesterol. The total carbohydrates in oil-popped popcorn is 6 grams. Oil-popped popcorn is a little richer in iron and magnesium.
Cheese Flavored
Cheese-flavored popcorn is still a healthy snack with 60 calories (30 from fat) and 2 percent of daily riboflavin. Although sodium is higher at 100 mg carbohydrates fiber and protein are the same as air popping and oil-popped popcorn.
Carmel Coated
Carmel coated is the highest in calories. With peanuts calorie intake (with a serving size of 56.7 grams) 230. Saturated fats are of 5 grams and there is no cholesterol. Sodium is 170 mg and carbohydrates is 45 grams. Fiber and protein are slightly higher than air-popped oil-popped and cheese-flavored popcorn.
healthy Fact
According popcorn. org since popcorn is considered a whole grain and is rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber it is a useful and healthy snack for people who require a special diet because of diabetes.