Natural Colon Cleanse Recipes

Natural Colon Cleanse Recipes
Natural Colon Cleanse Recipes

The colon is responsible for cleaning and eliminating waste from the body. When it does not work effectively the waste rot in the intestines and toxins are reabsorbed back into the body. This can lead to all sorts of diseases and health problems. Common symptoms include fatigue headache abdominal pain constipation and diarrhea poor immune system and skin problems. Cleansing the colon can improve health and better energy and vitality
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The lemon honey’s fast has a strong cleansing effect on the colon. It involves combining a teaspoon of honey with the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. The combination is added to a cup of purified water and then twelve cups of combination consumed daily. This fast can last anywhere from three to ten days.

Psyllium husks and linseed forms a gel like substance in the colon and as it is evacuated from the colon it sweeps all toxins and debris with it. Both psyllium husk and flax seeds absorb water and need water for healthy evacuation so it is important to drink plenty of water when consuming one of these. They can be purchased in powdered form of supermarkets and added to cereals juices shakes smoothies or water.

Vegetables and fruits have a powerful cleansing effect on the body. One way to remove the colon is to make a fruit and vegetable quickly. This may also involve drinking juice and soup too. A quick that this can be done anywhere between three to ten days and longer for those who have permission and supervision of a physician. Twelve cups of fluids whether water or juice must be consumed every day in quickly. Always talk to your doctor first before undergoing any quick.

Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that line the intestinal walls also known as intestinal flora. It is recommended that after you complete a fast filling up the lining of the gut with probiotics. These are found in yogurt that contains live cultures or they can be purchased from health food stores and pharmacies in a high dose capsule or tablet form.
Detoxifying tea is a common way to keep your colon healthy. These can be taken with your regular diet and help with digestion. Marshmallow root fennel and licorice root are all herbs that assist with treatment and help the intestines. Add a teaspoon of some of the herbs to a cup of boiled water. Let it steep for three to five minutes and then strain and drink. One to three cups can be taken daily to aid in cleansing the colon.