How To Lose Weight By Playing Ddr

How To Lose Weight By Playing Ddr
How To Lose Weight By Playing Ddr

Exercise can be boring and monotonous to many people. It’s one of the reasons that exercising while playing computer games have become so popular. Back before Wii Fit it was a game that many people used to drop some pounds called Dance Dance Revolution. There is still a great way to get moving lose weight and increase cardiovascular health while having fun
You need:. .
Dance Dance Revolution games
Dance pad.

– 1 –
Make sure you have enough space to play DDR. You need enough floor space to put mat flat on the floor of course but you have to be able to move your arms around without hitting anything.

– 2 –
Set aside some time to play DDR every day or at least several times a week. Create a schedule and stick to it. You can either plan to spend some time playing or you can use the game’s training mode to count calories and plan to burn a certain amount of calories during each session. Commit to yourself not to stop until you have reached your goal every day.

– 3 –
Select challenging songs! If you always choose the simplest songs you will not really be pushing yourself and you will not get much of a workout. Choose songs that challenge you and practice to get better at them. When a song starts to get light increase the difficulty so you always have to really work to make it great.

– 4 –
Be consistent. Almost any form of regular exercise will give you results as long as you do it consistently. Stick to your plan and do your best at every practice and you can see real results from playing Dance Dance Revolution