How To Understand The Health Benefits Of Rye Bread

How To Understand The Health Benefits Of Rye Bread
How To Understand The Health Benefits Of Rye Bread

Have you had a piece of rye bread lately? If not you may miss some important amazing health benefits. To understand the health benefits of rye bread
do you need:
A Workout Plan
. Healthy Eating Plan.
A positive attitude.

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When most people shop for bread they automatically reach for a pack of bread. But there is another type of bread that is a better choice from a nutritional standpoint-rye bread. This bread containing rye grain is usually darker in color with a strong more distinct flavor than wheat bread. It is usually used to create delicacies sandwiches and is often enjoyed with corned beef or pastrami with a generous serving of mustard. Regarding health the rug has some advantages over wheat. What are the health benefits of rye bread?

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Can it help with weight loss?
A new study published in Nutrition Journal found that a breakfast of rye bread can help with weight control. The researchers found that volunteers who ate rye bread for their meal experienced less hunger later in the day compared with those who ate wheat bread. The greatest hunger reducing effect was seen when rye bread made with rye bran was eaten. This feeling of satiety and fullness extended well past the lunch hour in the afternoon in volunteers eating rye bread while wheat bread eaters experienced early afternoon hunger pangs. It is unclear why rye have more of an appetite suppressing effect than wheat bread since both are good sources of fiber. The fiber in rye bread has an unusually high water binding capacity which causes it to expand in the intestine. This can lead to a more pronounced feeling of fullness.

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It may be better for Diabetics
A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that rye can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes
. Rye appears to improve the function of the beta cells the cells that secrete insulin and help to induce a better insulin response. Its ability to promote satiety can also help diabetics consume less which may have a beneficial effect on blood glucose.

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It can reduce the risk of heart disease
Rye bread is an excellent source of soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels. Although the fiber content varies with the type of rye a rye bread as many as nine grams per slice. Rye bread is also a good source of magnesium which helps to control blood pressure
and optimize the health of the heart.

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Protection against cancer?

Rye is a good source of lignans phytoestrogens can protect breast tissue from cancer promoting effects of estrogen. In addition showed a Finnish study that rye eat can enjoy some protection against colon cancer. It is believed that rye binds bile acids which may induce a colon cancer so they can be eliminated from the body.
The Bottom Line
Rye bread has many health and nutritional benefits and is a tasty alternative to wheat bread. Do not wait until your next trip to Deli to enjoy the many benefits of rye bread pick up some at your local supermarket.