Nutrition Tips For Kids

Nutrition Tips For Kids
Nutrition Tips For Kids

According to the Institute of Medicine about 6 million children older than 6 years are classified as obese. Proper nutrition is very important for children especially in the early stages of life. It is the parents’ job to set an example for proper eating habits. If parents do not instill proper nutritional values ??in their children then children can have weight problems later in life
stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated is especially important for children who participate in sports. Before an athletic event or practice a child should use half a liter of water. This will help prevent moisture during participation in sporting activities. It’s also a good idea to serve water instead of sugary soft drinks and fruit drinks with meals. Sugary drinks can lead to rapid dehydration and also contribute to weight gain.
Avoid Saturated Fat
Children should have a diet that is extremely low in saturated fat. According to the American Heart Association you should only 7 percent of total daily calories come from saturated fat. Most children love eating at fast-food restaurants but fast-food is actually one of the worst things that a child can eat. For example a McChicken Sandwich from McDonald’s 16g saturated fat and a Double Whopper from Burger King has 19g of saturated fat.
According to the Harvard School of Public Health taking a daily multivitamin is a great way to guarantee that you get your recommended amount of vitamins. Some vitamins are designed specifically for children. Most drug stores has a monthly supply of vitamins for children that you can buy for less than $ 20 or $ 30. Many parents have a hard time getting your child to take a multivitamin because their children do not like to take pills. If your child does not like taking pills then you can buy gummy multivitamins. One of the most popular brands of gummy multivitamins are Flintstone Gummy vitamins. Children really can not tell the difference between regular gummy candy and vitamin gummies.
healthy options
Most children love to have sugary candy bars like Butterfinger or Snickers. If you are not going to buy those unhealthy snacks for your child then it is important for you to provide an alternative. Fruit can be a great alternative to sugary snacks. A healthy snack idea is to cut up an apple and serve with a little honey to your child. Fruit always makes a great alternative to candy and many children like fruit more.