Lima Bean Nutrient

Lima Bean Nutrient
Lima Bean Nutrient

Lima beans originated in Peru about 8 000 years ago according to the CDC website fruit and vegetables Matter. In the United States they are commonly called butter beans. They are low in fat and high in iron protein and fiber
One cup of lima beans cooked without salt contains 216 calories 1 g fat no cholesterol or sodium 39 g carbohydrates 13 g fiber 5 g sugar 15 g protein according to the website Nutrition Data.
A cup of canned lima beans contain similar amounts of nutrients but also a little more than 800 grams of sodium.
One cup of lima beans supplies 25 percent of the recommended daily intake of iron an essential nutrient.
Lima beans are half of succotash (the other half is maize) but they have many other uses. For example you can cook them in a soup or puree them with garlic and herbs for a healthy dip according to World’s Healthiest Foods.
Avoid raw lima beans. They contain Lina Marin (also called Cyanogen) which releases a cyanide compound when the seed coat is opened according to fruit and vegetables Matter. Lina Marin is disabled during cooking.”