Chinese Tea And Weight Loss

Chinese Tea And Weight Loss
Chinese Tea And Weight Loss

Tea originated in China. Many health benefits are associated with the various types of Chinese tea. Many tea may be useful in helping you lose weight. Different teas have different effects on weight loss. For optimal weight loss should tea be consumed without sweetener. If sweetener is used honey usually best for weight-loss purposes
Green Tea
Green tea has only 4 calories per serving unsweetened. Green tea is thought to help stimulate metabolism which will help with weight loss. Polyphenols in tea is also thought to aid digestion and breakdown of fats in food.
oolong Tea
Oolong tea sometimes spelled Wu Long or Wu Lung have similar calorie content to green tea. With a higher caffeine content oolong has a stronger impact on metabolism than green tea. Polyphenols from oolong tea also aid in fat digestion.
black tea
Black tea has the highest caffeine content of some of the Chinese tea. Black tea has the same number of calories as oolong and green but it can be more bitter if over-rich. Black tea should not be over-penetrated to avoid adding sweeteners that can add calories in the drink.
Pu-Erh Tea
Pu-erh tea is made from a different kind of tea plants than the other three types of Chinese tea. Pu-erh is an interesting tea that has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and are prescribed by some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners for weight loss. Pu-erh is a black tea with an earthy flavor that some say is an acquired taste.
herbal tea
A number of Chinese weight loss tea is available. Many are made from herbs that are known for their ability to help people lose weight. Some of these diet teas use different tea leaves including pu EMR leaves.