Worst Food For Cholesterol

Worst Food For Cholesterol
Worst Food For Cholesterol

While some cholesterol is needed for basic bodily functions high cholesterol levels in the body known to increase the risk of heart disease. The body produces 75 percent of blood cholesterol in your body. The food you eat is responsible for the other 25 percent. Failure to look at cholesterol you take in can and will lead to heart problems
Cholesterol Basics
Cholesterol is essential for the creation of cell membranes and certain types of hormones according to the American Heart Association (AHA). Cholesterol is a soft fat-like waxy substance found in the blood.” Those who eat food with high cholesterol will find that your cholesterol levels rise.
Cholesterol and Heart
Cholesterol can build up in the blood. Too much cholesterol can lead to both heart attack and stroke. Cholesterol in the blood may actually lead to blockages in the blood vessels. AHA notes that a high level of cholesterol in the body is known as hypercholesterolemia. This condition can lead to serious medical problems and can even cause death.
The AHA notes that most types of meat has about 70 mg of cholesterol per serving (with a serving listed as 3 grams). The skin of the poultry has a large amount of cholesterol. Most of the bodies of animals including liver kidneys and brains are high in cholesterol. Duck and goose are high cholesterol too.
Dairy products are known for their cholesterol levels. One egg has 200 mg of cholesterol. This is over 50 percent of the recommended daily amount of cholesterol. A cup of milk has 30 mg of cholesterol. The fat which is often found in dairy products is the cause of higher cholesterol levels.
If you want seafood avoid shrimp and crayfish. They have large amounts of cholesterol. Most types of fish oils and fish extracts have high levels of cholesterol. Fish itself can also be high in fat and cholesterol.
Dairy products that are low-fat often have a much lower cholesterol count. AHA recommends using “choice” and “select” grades of beef which they tend to be more lean than other choices of beef. Using vegetables like eggplant and mushrooms instead of meetings can eliminate cholesterol content of a particular recipe.”