What Is Black Seed Oil?

What Is Black Seed Oil?
What Is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is an essential oil derived from black cumin seeds. The seeds are used throughout the Middle East and the Far East as a spice for cooking and a supplement to aid in digestion. Because its use is relatively new in the English speaking world it is known by a variety of names including black cumin and black onion seeds
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. Vegetables.
Weight gain supplements.

When taken as a supplement black seed oil is said to strengthen hair and nails. Used externally on skin it is intended to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt who was known for her beauty was said to have used black seed oil to treat her skin.
The ancient Egyptians believed that black seed oil would kill internal parasites and aid digestion. Whole seeds were used in Egyptian cooking. A bottle of black seed oil was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen Pharaoh to bring for use in the afterlife.
The ancient Egyptians also used black seed oil to cure inflammation and abscesses and as a remedy for colds headaches allergies and infections. Pliny the Elder used the seeds from which the oil is extracted into a paste to treat snakebites and scorpion-sting. And Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said that the seeds would cure anything except death.
In India black seed oil given to women who have just given birth. The oil is believed to facilitate postnatal contractions and assistance in breastfeeding.
In addition to its health benefits and subsidies properties black seed oil is widely used in cooking. It has been mentioned in the Bible as an ingredient in some types of bread. Its pungent bitter taste has let it be used as a substitute pepper in the world. It has a sharp oregano like odor and has been used both as a spice and a spice. In India it is used in mild braised lamb vegetable dishes and chutney.